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TLV – the steam expert

E-TEK hold the general agency for TLV (Trouble Less Valve) in Denmark. For more than 50 years TLV have developed and produced precise process steam controls with exceptional durability. The aim of TLV is to find perfect and simple solutions in the field of process steam regulation and condensate recovery.

TLV have a full product range, which covers all your demands regarding steam technology, maintenance and surveillance of your steam supply.

Steam traps

TLV steam traps discharge condensate, air and inert gases from steam plants. The TLV programme is diverse and will cover your every need. The TLV steam traps possess unique design features all concieved with the aim of securing energy efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance.

“Free float” steam traps with their brilliant simplicity – only one moving part being the stainless steel float, which is free to rotate in any plane – a typical TLV product.

Balanced pressure thermostatic steam traps and thermodynamic steam traps are also part of the TLV product range.

Process Steam Control

TLV process steam controls and systems are distinguished by their compact, robust design and ease of maintenance. In combination with special multi-purpose controllers and actuators, even the most demanding applications are precisely controlled. Control valves/systems can be delivered in many forms; with pneumatic actuation for pressure/temperature/flow control and as multipurpose controllers with programmable motorized actuators and even with integrated cyclone separator and steam trap.

Separators and filters

TLV separators and filters provide the highest steam quality. Condensate, dirt and scale entrained in steam or airflow is eliminated and discharged continuously and the high quality dry steam produced improves heating efficiency, product quality and reduces seat erosion in control valves as well as corrosion damages in compressed air tools. The sintered wire mesh filters are easy to clean and reuse.

Separators come with integrated filter which combines the high efficiency separator with a filter unit and is suitable for production of clean steam.

Condensate drainage / recovery

TLV offers complete condensate drainage and recovery without any back up under all operating conditions. TLV pump traps and condensate return pumps for complete condensate drainage and recovery prevent “stalling” heat exchangers, temperature swings, waterhammer and corrosion. Pump traps and steam driven condensate return pumps are ideal for hazardous environments, as they operate purely mechanically and do not need electricity. They ensure a safe and economically operation of steam plants.

System Solution

TLV packaged solutions for steam applications are individually designed in direct communication by E-TEK with the consultant or the customer. By optimizing the design of your steam and condensate systems, production costs are minimized and product quality is improved. In TLV ready to install packages innovative controls especially designed for steam heated processes are used.