Compact system

Space saving

Compact built

Delivered as
”plug and play”

Mobile unit

Can be delivered on a steel frame

Jumag Compact Steam System

Place, connect and activate – For quick action Jumag build all steam generating equipment on a steel frame, which can be handled by a forklift. A compact system is space saving with a footprint of only 35 square feet.

Compact systems (for steam output up to 4480 kg/h ) are equipped with all components for steam production with pipes, ready for connection and electrically wired. A compact system can be build with one or multiple boilers.

Elaborate planning stages and errors during installation are avoided. Only the applicable media pipes must be connected

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DG line – unmatched in energy efficiency

With its innovative design and use of high quality components, the Jumag DG stands out in a class of its own. It has a very high energy efficiency with up to 97% combustion efficiency and the possibility of condensing heating technology resulting in more than 100% efficiency with the use of a second economizer.

Ultra quick start-up procedure of only 8 minutes from standstill to fully operational. The Jumag DG is very easy to operate with its menu-driven full-text touchscreen with multiple language options. The start / stop procedure is simple by remote control, timer or manual. It comes with a full range of high quality accessories also supplied by Jumag.

It comes in sizes from 160kg/h to 560kg/h (5 different output-sizes). Furthermore, the diversity is enormous as the Jumag DG can be delivered as a multi-steam boiler unit with up to 8 boilers, as a ready to use compact steam-boiler unit built on a steel frame and even as a mobile unit in a custom build container with up to 4 or 5 boilers.

How it Works:

In a Jumag DG there is no heating-coil or piston pump. Controlled by the water level measured inside the evaporation chamber, the centrifugal pump refills the feed water vessel via the blow-down vessel and/or the economizer. The burner is controlled by steam pressure. A multiple-pass pipe transfers the burnt-gas heat through the evaporation system and to the water inside. Additionally, the economizer transfers residual heat from the exhaust air to the feed water stream. The special inner structure of the evaporation system provides the best dry steam results.

EDI line – Electric Steam Boiler

 A high quality steam boiler with boiler and all components made of stainless steel to produce high-purity steam. Output from 28kg/h to 114 kg/h with the possibility of running several boilers together as a multiple steam system.

Immediate load adjustment by modulated electric power control – all controlled by the touchscreen with self-explanatory texts and several language options. The EDI can be controlled manually, time-controlled or via control centre.

A Jumag electric steam boiler requires little space due to the compact build; it is easy to relocate on your premises as it comes with wheels. It can be operated with the full use of the comprehensive Jumag accessories range and can even be delivered as a compact steam boiler unit with blow-down unit and water preparation module as a ready to use steam-producing unit.

The EDI has a lot of other brilliant features and options and is ideal for food and beverage producers, lab technology, medical and pharmaceutics industry among others.