E-TEK is the official JUMAG distributor for the Nordic countries as well as for the Baltic countries. We supply boiler systems premounted as compact units, as container solutions or as stand-alone boilers. We can proudly announce that it is not unusual for our JUMAG customers to experience savings in running cost from 20 – 50%.
We can supply boiler systems from 15 kW to app. 2.000 Kw equipped with burners for oil, gas, solid fuel/biomass or electricity. Including economizers, deaeretors, feedwater tanks and pipe systems. All units are CE-marked and comply with the PED and EN-regulations.

We offer engineering, delivery and complete fitting of your steam system together with heat exchangers for water, steam and air.  We have been in the steam business since 1993 and operate together with some of the main suppliers in Europe: Jumag GmbH, Weishaupt, UHS GmbH and TLV Euro Engineering GmbH. E-TEK provide for your steam solutions.

In addition to our technical solutions we are able to offer competitive financial packages to our customers in cooperation with our international financial partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiries.

Kristian Buch

Kristian Buch

Ceo – B.Sc. in mechanical engineering

Kristian has been working in the steam business since 1993 and has during these years acquired a profound knowledge about how to run a steam system at its best. Kristian is your expert extern assistance if you need advice regarding your steam plant and furthermore he possesses a long-time experience and understanding of how to plan and design the construction of a new steam plant. Kristian also works with heat recovery and energy optimization in cooperation with the best experts in Denmark and internationally.
If your steam plant needs a thorough check-up with calculations and suggestions on how to improve performance and fuel efficiency you should not hesitate to contact Kristian.

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